Lifelong Christian Ed Galisewski spent many years looking for the ideal place to practice his faith only to realize that ideal place may not exist—at least not in today’s judgmental, exclusionary, and highly fractured church environment.

Pained by the competition he saw between churches, the arrogance of many Christian groups who believe ‘their way’ is the ‘right way,’ and the willingness of so many Christians to judge others who don’t practice their faith in the same way, Galisewski was about ready to leave the church altogether.

Meet Mr. Joe Palooka, Ed Galisewski.

A Simpler Faith:

Hope For People Who Struggle With Church. Paperback Edition.

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About A Simpler Faith:

Are you planning to leave your church? Maybe you’d like to, but you feel stuck. You’re not alone–millions of people, especially men, are fleeing their churches or mentally checking out. Ed Galisewski offers a witty, hard-hitting view from the pew as only a “Joe Palooka” from Jersey can.

Galisewski pulls back the curtain on the divisive nature of denominationalism and spiritual abuse in many churches and encourages pastors and lay people alike to return to the simple gospel of faith in a Creator, Savior, and Guide. He says you might even need to take a temporary break from church while you heal and reconnect with God. But don’t stay away–when you’re ready, reconnect with a faith community and bring a simpler faith back to the Church.

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