Finding You

A New Journey Toward a Simpler Faith

I admit, I do not know what your spiritual journey has been up to this point. I only know what I have experienced. But I would assume that we both have had some sort of hiccup in our spiritual walk thus far. That just maybe we have had similar challenges and concerns that have popped up in our spiritual lives. I only assume that, because you have entered into this blog site, and the title of my book does contain the phrase “hope for those who struggle with church’.

Just a guess on my part. But fortunately, we are not alone.

So do not be disheartened if you have not had a smooth, issue free spiritual walk thus far in your life. There are many among us in the Christian community who have struggled with certain aspects of Christianity as a whole. You and I might even be in the mainstream of what a growing sector of believers really feel about some of the “man made” themes that exist in Christian circles today.

One of my hero’s in the Christian faith is Tony Campollo. Tony astutely said, as he was taking on the power brokers of the 1970’s Evangelical movement, who coined the phrase “Moral Majority, that they were not the Moral Majority. So, what I hope my book, A Simpler Faith, and this blog site will give you is permission to view faith in a different way — a simpler way. Focusing on the essentials, just that. My journey forced me to simplify all the craziness I was experiencing in my christian walk. Faith was becoming too complicated, too man made, too mean and too arrogant.

A Simpler Faith was my attempt to bring faith down to 3 specific things so I could stay engaged. I did this so I could survive within the complexities of the massive machine that religion had become. It was a last ditch effort to give me hope before I might have walked away from faith for good.

3 themes that helped me stay engaged in faith:

1. I do not have all the answers, but this is what I hope for: Hope in a Creator.

2. I am not perfect, in fact, I am quite flawed, so I have a: Need for a Savior.

3. I long to feel God’s presence on a daily basis, if possible. I love to sense the presence of the Holy Spirit, my spiritual guide: Connect through the Spirit.

Hope in a Creator. Need for a Savior. Connect through the Spirit.

I know it might sound too easy, but when you are about to run away from faith for good, it is so important to keep it simple. Join me in this journey (here’s more about my journey) to get back to community and re-engage in your spiritual walk.

Let’s find that path together.